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US Wick Drain

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We are a ground improvement firm specializing in the supply and installation of wick drains


A Sample of Our Wick Drain Projects

Client/Owner Footage

University Medical Center
New Orleans, LA
(In Progress)

LSU/Skanska Mapp
4,000,000 L.F

US 17 Bypass
& SC 707
Myrtle Beach SC
( In progress)

SC DOT/ Balfour Beatty Infrastructure
3,000,000 L.F

Craney Island
Eastward Expansion
Phase I
Largest & Deepest Barge Installation Project in History - Complete

Virgina Port Authority
12,700,000 L.F.
New Orleans Levee East Reconstruction
Archer Western/US Army Corp of Engineers 8,937,000 L.F.
New Orleans, LA

60 acre expansion, Gulf Port State port Authority
W.C Fore Trucking/MS. State Port 1,137,000 L.F.
Gulf Port MS.

Proposed High School
G&C Construction/County 635,000 L.F.
Ocean Springs,MS.

Bindi Warehouse
Cibachino Const./Bindi 235,000 L.F.

Haliburton Grinding Plant
Schwob Builders/Haliburton 800,000 L.F.

Linde Reconstruction
Triumph Const. 535,000 L.F.

Petroleum Tanks
D.H Griffin/Jax Port Authority 250,000 L.F.
Jacksonville Fl.

Route 17 south widening
Philips&Jordon/SCDOT 450,000 L.F.
Ace Basin, Charleston,SC

LNG Plant
Gulf LNG 990,000 L.F.

Benderson Development 170,000 L.F.

APM Terminals
Marine Container Terminal 250,000 L.F.
Portsmouth, VA
Weeks Marine  

New Public Sports Center
Beam Construction Co. 1,710 L.F.
Morganton, NC


Meadowlands Sport Complex
Ports Authority of NY & NJ 1,600,000 L.F.
East Rutherford, NJ

Meadowlands Sport Complex
Port Authority of NY & NJ 605,760 L.F.
East Rutherford, NJ

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 3,054,420 L.F.
Craney Island
Higgerson-Buchanan, Inc.  

Fantasy Harbour
South Carolina DOT 53,438 L.F.
Myrtle Beach, SC
L. Dean Weaver  

NC 55
North Carolina DOT 13,000 L.F.
Pamlico County, NC

1000 Cell Security Facility
North Carolina 443,920 L.F.
Tabor City, NC
Centex Corporation  

Piedmont Triad Airport
Piedmont International Airport 85,000 L.F.
Guilford County, NC
Vecellio & Gordon Inc.  

Piedmont Triad Airport
Piedmont international Airport 380,000 L.F.
Guilford County, NC
Blythe Construction, Inc.  

501 Village
Village Offices 33,500 L.F.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Jason White Construction Co.  

Property Control Facility
Air Force Station 32,000 L.F.
Jacksonville, NC
Tommy Rouse  

Patriots Point
Hinkle Contracting Co. 45,000 L.F.
Mt Pleasant, SC


U S Corps of Engineers
Army Corps of Engineers 1,400,000 L.F.
Craney Island
Higgerson-Buchanan, Inc.  

North Carolina DOT 41,000 L.F.
Pasquotank County
Barnhill Construction Co.,  
Golden Coral
Golden Coral 25,000 L.F.
Myrtle Beach, SC
GC Development Corp  

I 15 at SR 75 Interchange
Utah DOT 350,000 L.F.
Crane Construction Co.  

Utah DOT 364,700 L.F.

Crane Construction Co.  

Federal Project #666-2(005)
Louisiana DOT 20,000 L.F.
West Carrol, LA
D'Arbonne Construction Co.  

Martin Coal Corp.
Martin Coal Corp 5,600 L.F.
Inez, KY


Lime house Bridge
South Carolina DOT 19,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC
Banks Construction Co.  

Hudson Bergen light Rail Transit
New Jersey Transit 323,000 L.F.
New Jersey
Perini Corporation  

Redskins Stadium Interchange
J.K.C. Stadium, Inc. 30,000 L.F.
Cherry Hill Construction  

Hayward Baker
Hayward Baker 42,000 L.F.
Tampa, FL


Jackson Street Bridge
City of Newark 1,324 L.F.
Newark, NJ
M.J. Paquet, Inc.  

Lati USA, Inc.
Lati, USA 75,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC
Trident Construction Co.  

Oceanside II
Oceanside II 80,000 L.F.
Atlantic City, NJ
Sherwood Construction Co.  

Little Calumet River
Army Corp of Engineers 103,000 L.F.
Gary, Indiana
Rausch Construction, Inc.  

Summer Lake II Section 2
Summer Lake II 12,000 L.F.
Newport News, VA
E.W. Muller Con tractors, Inc.  

Dearborne Phase 4
Dearborne 70,000 L.F.
Rosedale, MD
Bowen & Kron international, Inc.  

Adams Bridge
Mississippi DOT 58,700 L.F.
Harrison County, MS
TCB Construction  

Seminole County Expressway
Florida DOT 51,000 L.F.
Orlando, FL
Hubbard Construction Co.  

Seminole County Expressway
Florida DOT 150,300 L.F.
Sanford, FL
White Construction Co.  

Area 500 Dundalk Marine Terminal
Maryland Ports Authority 226,000 L.F.
Baltimore, MD
P. Flanigan & Sons, Inc.  

Route 33 Section 2P & Route 80
New Jersey DOT 25,340 L.F.
Passaic County, NJ
M.J. Paquet, Inc.  

Ashley Phosphate Road
South Carolina DOT 161,000 L.F.
North Charleston, SC
Banks Construction Co.  

Marine Corps Air Station
U.S. Marine Corps 13,000 L.F.
New River, NC
Morton Trucking  

US 74
North Carolina DOT 144,320 L.F.
Robeson County, NC
R.E. Goodson Construction Co.  

Cooper River Bridge
North Carolina DOT 47,560 L.F.
Charleston, SC
O L Thompson Construction Co.  

Water Treatment Plant
City of Pascagoula 28,000 L.F.
Pascagoula, MS
B.L. Excavation  

SR15/US 441
Florida DOT 61,500 L.F.
Palm County, FL
Community Asphalt Corp.  

Little Calumet River
U s Army Corps 18,000 L.F.
Gary Indiana
Dyer Construction Co.  

World Drive
Reedy Creek Improvement 35,000 L.F.
Orlando, FL
Hubbard Construction  

Test Embankment
South Carolina Ports Authority 446,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC
Three Oaks Contractors  

Charleston Harbour Resort
Austin Construction 30,300 L.F.
Mt. Pleasant, SC


Route 1
Canada DOT 87,000 L.F.
New Brunswick, Canada
Isidore Asphalt  

Agra Foundations
Agra Foundations 1,970,000 L.F.
Richmond, BC

Higgerson-Buchanan 268,000 L.F.
Chesapeake, VA


Department of the Navy
Sanders Brothers Construction 500,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC


New Jersey DOT
Union Paving 100,000 L.F.
Route 120


North Carolina DOT 78,064 L.F.
Bertie County, NC
Barnhill Contracting  

Maryland DOT
Concrete General 10,000 L.F.


Philadelphia International Airport
City of Philadelphia 200,000 L.F.
Philadelphia, PA
Buckley and Company  

South Carolina DOT
Banks Construction Co. 123,000 L.F.
Hanahan, SC


Delaware DOT
Mumford and Miller 80,000 L.F.
Kent County


Marriott Courtyard
Donald Richardson & Son 31,000 L.F.
Myrtle Beach, SC


Roseland Property
J. Fletcher Creamer 300,000 L.F.
West New York


Port Imperial (Jacob Ferry)
L. Hovananian 150,000 L.F.
West New York, NJ


HWY 17
North Carolina DOT 20,000 L.F.
Onslow County, NC


HWY 17
North Carolina DOT 15,000 L.F.
Onslow County, NC


Redland Genstar 750,000 L.F.
White Marsh, MD


Savannah Marine Terminal
Martin Marietta Aggregates 207,000 L.F.
Savannah, GA
Raleigh, NC  

Cape Canaveral Port Authority
Canaveral Ports Authority 300,000 L.F.
Cape Canaveral, FL
RKT Contractors  

Palmetto lime, LLC
Palmetto Lime 110,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC


HWY 64
North Carolina DOT 500,000 L.F.
Dare County, NC
Barnhill Construction Co.  

US 17
North Carolina DOT 148,912 L.F.
Chowan County, NC
Nello L. Teer Construction Co.  

Bridge 354B on K364
Delaware DOT 106,600 L.F.
Kent County, DL
Munford & Miller Concrete Co.  

Hyde County, NC
North Carolina DOT 35,000 L.F.

Sawyer's Land Developing, Inc.  

SR 207 Over Cracker Branch Creek
Florida DOT 2,500 L.F.
Jacksonville, FL
Superior Construction Co.  

I 40
North Carolina DOT 978,350 L.F.
New Hanover County, NC
APAC-Carolina, Inc.  

Lowe's at Monkey Junction
Lowe's 650,000 L.F.
Wilmington, NC
Miller Building  

Battelle Memorial Institute
Department of Energy 26,000 L.F.
Columbus, Ohio
Saver Construction Co.  

Wando Terminal
South Carolina State Ports 4,500,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC
L&J, Inc.  

Main Exchange
U.S. Marine Corps 80,492 L.F.
Camp Lejeune, NC
Lanier Construction  

Army Creek
Delaware DOT 78,600 L.F.
New Castle, DE
A-Del Construction  


Seminole County Expressway
Florida DOT 145,050 L.F.
Orlando, FL
Hubbard Construction Co.  

Seminole County Expressway
Florida DOT 200,000 L.F.
Sanford, FL
White Construction Co.  

Wando Terminal
South Carolina State Ports 2,500,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC
Gates Construction Co.  

Highway 61 Connector
South Carolina DOT 56,280 L.F.
Charleston, SC
Banks Construction Co.  

Marcona Road
Graham Brothers Const. Co. 60,000 L.F.
Savannah, GA


Slime Pond/Bluewater Hill
Arco 750,990 L.F.
Grants, NM
Geosystems, Inc.  

Korean War Memorial
Corp of Engineers 205,000 L.F.
Washington, DC
Faith Construction Co.  

BFI Landfill
BFI 435,012 L.F.
Richmond, VA
Ryan Central  

Rt. 147, Section 1E
New Jersey DOT 1,300,000 L.F.
Wildwood, NJ
Conduit & Foundations  

I-95 Weigh Station
Georgia DOT 127,780 L.F.
Chatham County, GA
L-J, Inc.  

Newark international Airport
Port Authority NY & NJ 23,450 L.F.
Newark, NJ
J. Fletcher Creamer & Son  

Highway 61
Mississippi DOT 604,693 L.F.
Desoto County, MS
Hill Brothers Construction  

Park Development
Disney World 15,000 L.F.
Orlando, FL
Brown Corp Construction  

Hwy 64
North Carolina DOT 107,000 L.F.
Martin County, NC
S.T. Wooten Corp.  

Adams Bridge
Mississippi DOT 58,700 L.F.
Harrison County, MS
T.C.B. Construction  

HWY 64
North Carolina DOT 240,000 L.F.
Martin County, NC
Nello L. Teer  

HWY 61
Mississippi DOT 264,193 L.F.
Desoto County< MS
Hill Brothers Construction  

Paradise Landing
Paradise Construction 35,000 L.F.
Piermont, NY
Paradise Construction  

Pews Creek
Monmouth County, NJ 165,000 L.F.
Monmouth County, NJ
Stavola Contracting  

Oyster Point Marketplace
Henderson Incorporated 7,000 L.F.
Newport news, VA


Route 45 Section 2C & 3B
New Jersey DOT 30,000 L.F.
Salem County, NJ
Marboro, Inc.  

Allied Signal
Allied Signal 88,000 L.F.
Baltimore, MD
ENSR Corporation  

Nassau Expressway
New York DOT 10,000 L.F.
Nassau County, NY
ECCO III Enterprises, Inc.  

Wharf Alfa Staging, Phase 2
Department of the Navy 533,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC
Sanders Brothers Construction  

Washington County
Wisconsin DOT 20,000 L.F.
Washington County, WI
Musson Brothers, Inc.  

Lindsey Pond Reclamation
Haverhill Contracting 88,000 L.F.
Baltimore, MD


Palmetto Lime Co.
Palmetto Lime Co. 150,000 L.F.
Charleston, SC


Charenton Canal Bridge
Louisiana DOT 65,000 L.F.
St. Mary parish, LA


US 17 South
North Carolina DOT 68,000 L.F.
Elizabeth City, NC
Barnhill Contracting Co.  

Little Calumet River Phase II
Army Corp. of Engineers 9,000 L.F.
Gary, IN
Ramirez & Marsch, Inc.  

Route LA 15
Louisiana DOT 126,000 L.F.
Wisner, LAS
O.S. Johnson  

Deerborne Phase 4
Bowen and Kron Interprises 70,000 L.F.
Baltimore, MD


Seagirt Marine Terminal
Maryland State ports Authority 750,000 L.F.
Baltimore, MD
IA Construction Co.  

Route 1
Florida DOT 50,000 L.F.
Volusia County, FL
Ranger Construction Co.  

Comsys 2000 L.F.
Department of Navy 10,000 L.F.
Chesapeake, VA
Abante Construction Co.  

Route 120 Section B
New Jersey DOT 150,000 L.F.
Bergen County, NJ
Union Paving & Construction  

Port Imperial
Roseland Properties 100,000 L.F.
West New York, NJ
J, Fletcher Creamer  

Wal-Mark at Monkey Junction
Wal-Mart 650,000 L.F.
Wilmington, NC
Landmark Grading  

Iowa DOT 450,000 L.F.
Poke County, IA
Peterson Construction  

Cherry Hill Landfill
Delaware Solid Waste 168,000 L.F.
Wilmington, DE
Higgerson & Buchanan  

Ocean Side II
Sherwood Construction Co. 233,000 L.F.
Atlantic City, NJ


US 90 / Beaver Street
City of Jacksonville 20,000 L.F.
Jacksonville, FL
Wood Hopkins Construction Co.  

Wonderwood Connector
Florida Transportation Authority 80,000 L.F.
Jacksonville, FL
Superior Construction Co.  

Desoto & Tunica County
Mississippi DOT 430,000 L.F.
Talbot Brothers Construction  

Town Lake
Kaplan Companies 1,000,000 L.F.
Sayerville, NJ

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